What we do

CEPR's research is conducted by a network of over 1,600 Fellows and Affiliates, based largely in European universities. The Centre helps these researchers develop and obtain funding for research, administer and execute these projects and disseminate the results of the research.

How we do it

CEPR's research is carried out under the auspices of twelve Programme Areas, led by Programme Directors who provide intellectual leadership and quality control. 

Within the overall CEPR Network, there are also a number of smaller networks, each focusing on a particular research topic. Researchers also collaborate through "Working Groups" - smaller, ad hoc groups of researchers who work on particular topics, for example the Macroeconomics of Global Interdependence (MGI).

Within each Programme Area there are a number of research projects underway.

CEPR is grateful to the Fondation Banque de France for its support for some of these studies.



In addition to this collaboration, CEPR is also delighted to have cooperated with the FBdF in a number of its annual Journées. The Fondation is an important source of funding and other initiatives that promote frontier economic research in Europe.