EuroCOIN: A Real Time Cyclical Indicator for the Euro Area

EuroCOIN is a coincident indicator of the euro area business cycle. EuroCOIN uses an innovative econometric methodology to distill information from the real economy, the financial sector and surveys of business and consumer sentiment, weighting each source of information according to its correlation with movements of the cycle, while filtering out measurement error and very short run volatility. To sign up to our monthly EuroCOIN alerts, please fill in this form.

Euro Area Business Cycle Network

The establishment of the euro  is a unique opportunity for economists to learn more about the relationship between business cycles, economic institutions, monetary policy and financial markets. The Euro Area Business Cycle Network (EABCN) provides a forum for the better understanding of the euro area business cycle by bringing together researchers and policymakers in universities, central banks and other policy institutions. The Network aims to become a definitive source of data and research on the euro area economies and, over time, to help define the economic research agenda for the Euro Area.

Dating the Euro Area Business Cycle

The mission of the Business Cycle Dating Committee is to establish the chronology of the euro area business cycle, by identifying the recessions and expansions of the 11 original euro area member countries from 1970 to 1998, and of the euro area as a whole since 1999.